25 Struggles That Every 90’s Kid Will Understand

Here are 25 struggles that 90’s kids will know all too well.

1. When this happened to your capri sun.

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2. When you parents refused to buy you a CD because of its ‘parental advisory’ sticker.

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“it’s just a warning mum, you can legally still buy it for me.”

3. Not being able to resist joining in with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air intro song.

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If you’ve forgotten then here is a reminder.

4. When the VCR suddenly decided to destroy your favourite video tape for no reason.

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R.I.P to all those Disney films that never made it.

5. Having to live with the knowledge that Jumanji would never be real.

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There will never be a real board game as cool as Jumanji.

6. Trying to keep your tamagotchi alive was a daily battle.

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You could have just given up, but wondered if you could live with yourself afterwards.

7. Everything had to be settled with ‘rock paper scissors’.

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8. Almost getting burnt to death whilst going down one of those super shiny / metal slides.

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9. You could never ever have enough beanie babies.

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“These will be worth money one day, just you wait.”

10. And you could never stop the tags from bending, no matter how hard you tried.

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11. If you wanted to watch a movie you didn’t own it meant a trip to the video store.

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You had to go and pick up your Netflix!

12. If someone was on the phone you wouldn’t be able to use the phone.

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13. And when it did work it was incredibly slow.

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So. Slow.

14. Deciding on what or who to include in your MSN name could make or break friendships.

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Waaay before WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger ever existed.

15. Having to rewind video tapes all that way back to the beginning.

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Yep. Not a phrase you hear anymore.

16. Running a light coloured pen over a dark line would result in disaster.

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Even worse if it was a pen that you borrowed.

17. Whenever this happened:

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18. Being woken up in the middle of the night by your Furby.

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He knew exactly what he was doing.

19. Having to use one of these to listen to music on the go:

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20. No matter how good your SuperSoaker was, some kid would always have a better one.

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There was always that one kid.

21. You would tape your favourite program and then get this when playing it back.

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22. Not feeling cool enough if you didn’t have light up shoes.

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“Seriously mum, I need these, real bad.”

23. Wanting to sit on one of these, even if they were the most uncomfortable, unstable chairs on earth.

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24. Realising that your fashion wasn’t as ‘on point’ as you once thought.

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Every boy in the 90’s.

25. This was your biggest decision of the day.

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Ahh simpler times.

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