27 Adorable Before & After Photos of Dogs Growing Up

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Whether you get a puppy or adopt an older dog, they quickly become just like another member of the family. They grow up with the family and a unique bond forms over many years. To show just how quickly they grow up, here are 27 adorable before and after photos.

They might be super cute as puppies, however they are just as lovable, if not more so as they grow up and the bond between dog and owner grows stronger.

1. Best Friends Forever

2. Taken One Year Apart

3. Fourteen Years Apart

4. Still Thinks He's A Puppy

5. Inseparable Friends

6. Atleast His Ears Suit Him Now

7. Always Curious

8. One Year Apart

9. Two Years Apart

10. One Year Apart

11. 14 Years Apart

12. Chico, Two Years Apart

13. The Difference One Year Makes

14. Three Months Apart

15. 7 Months Apart

16. Morris Likes Sitting In Drawers

17. 5 Months Apart

18. Then And Now

19. 10 Years Apart

20. The Difference 4 Years Makes

21. 8 Years Apart

22. He Still Just About Fits

23. Two Years Apart

24. Then And Now

25. Ozzy 10 Years Apart

26. The Difference 13 Years Makes

27. 10 Years Apart