84-Year-Old Rejects $1M Offer for Her Home, Forcing the Shopping Mall to Be Built Around Her

Pixar's 'Up' in real life.
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This is the amazing story of Edith Macefield. At 84-years-old Edith couldn't be told what to do by anyone and that includes real estate developers, no matter how much money they offered her.

Real estate developers offered Edith $1 million for her home located in Seattle, Washington.

Because she refused to give up her home the developers were faced with no other option than to build the shopping mall around her.

Because she refused, Macefield has become something of a local hero.

Sadly she passed away in 2008, but in 2009 Pixar brought her story back into the hearts of many when they attached balloons to the house just like the ones from the movie 'Up'.

Since then it's been left abandoned and was even boarded up, until recently...

The home was left by Macefield to a construction worker named Barry Martin. The two of them had become friends whilst he worked on the construction of the mall. Macefield had no other family attachements so she left the house to Barry so he could sell it and use the money to put his kids through college.

Barry sold the house to investors who couldn't find a purpose for the home. It's now back up for sale and locals are turning out in force to make sure that the house is here to stay.

They've been covering the property in balloons with positive messages in the hope that the next buyer will keep the house as it is.

Here's a virtual tour of the place:

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