Adorable Nurse Cat from Poland Helps Care for Sick Shelter Animals

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Radamenes, an adorable little black cat, knows a thing or to about being cared for after a veterinary centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland, managed to save him and nurse him back to good health. Now he returns the favour by caring for other animals at the veterinary centre.

Radamenes likes to cuddle with other sick animals, clean their wounds and even give them to occasional massage!

Radamenes was incredibly ill with a respiratory infection. Luckily, vets managed to save him despite him being at deaths door.

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He was so sick that the people who brought him to the shelter thought he would have to be put down. Now he's better he returns the favour by caring for other sick animals.

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After his suprising recovery he began cuddling up to other animals that were sick.

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He paid special attention to the sickest animals, such as those recovering from operations.

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He's now become his very own self qualified 'full-time nurse' looking after, comforting and giving much needed attention to other animals.

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He's become a mascot for the animal shelter. 

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And his story proves that cats can be just as loving as any other pet!

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