Couple Decide to Go off the Grid and Build Their Own Self-Sustaining Island

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Its been a life long project, but Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King now get to enjoy the benefits of their self-sustaining island. The couple started building their very own island in 1992 and have been building and improving it ever since.

Wayne Adams and Catherine King started building their own private self-sustainable island in 1992. 

It's a lifelong project that took them 20 years to complete. To this day they are still making small adjustments and improvements.

Now they have a truly unique home. The island consists of 12 individual platforms that have been joined together using wood and metal. Most of the materials used have been recycled.

They decided to name the Island 'Freedom Cove'. The couple are completley self sufficent from the outside world.

They use greenhouses to grow their crops and solar panels for electricity.

They collect rainwater and use natural local sources for drinking water.

Despite their desire to live off the grid the couple welcome visitors and tourists who are passing by.

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