After Driving for More than 200 Miles This Man Heard Barking from His Car Bumper

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How this dog managed to survive really is a miracle. Mr. Zhang who lives in Fenghuang County, China, was nearly 200 miles into his road trip when he started to hear barking on the inside of his car.

dog stuck in front bumper escapes 1.jpg

He pulled over to take a look around the car only to find a dog stuck in his front bumper! Mr. Zhang didn't remove the dog immediately and drove to the nearest vet as he was scared of hurting the dog by removing him from the bumper.

dog stuck in front bumper escapes 2.jpg

It turns out the Mr. Zhang had hit the dog whilst driving and thought that it had either run away or had died as a result of the impact.

dog stuck in front bumper escapes 3.jpg

Somehow the dog escaped without any serious injuries even after being inside the bumper for more than 200 miles. Mr. Zhang has since adopted the pup as his own.

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