Photographer Captures Angry Photos of Lion Moments Before It Prepares to Pounce

Nature photographer Atif Saeed recently had an encounter with a lion that was a little too close close for his liking and he managed to capture it all on camera! at a safari zoo park in Lahore, Pakistan, the lion saw Saeed and didn’t take too kindly to having his picture taken, so he charged!

Saeed told the Dailymail that the lion was attracted by the noise of his lens after he got out of his Jeep to take a better photograph.

I was sitting in front of him just near my car and the door of my car was open. I was sat on ground few feet away, so he was treating me like his prey… I was laughing at that time, but now when I think back about the incident I don’t think I would be able to do it again. It was a pretty close encounter.

You can see more of the photographer work via 500px, Facebook and Flickr.

Atif Saeed
Atif Saeed

Source: dailymail

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