Soldier Dad Surprises His Son by Photobombing His School Photo

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This video will leave holding back the tears. A little boy got the best surprise ever whilst having his school photo taken when his dad who is a soldier returned home from deployment and photobombed his picture. 

According to ABC 11, Corporal James Bass surprised his son Joshua who is 8 at his school in Durham, North Carolina. Bass hadn't seen his son for over a year after being deployed in Kuwait. Everything about this video will get you right in the feels.

8-year-old Joshua had no idea that is dad was back from Kuwait and certainly had no idea his dad was about to photobomb him.

The photographer let Joshua take a look at the photo and it took him a moment to figure out what was going on.

But as soon as he realised he turned around immediatley....

...and melted all of our hearts.