Stray Dog Decides to Join Team Competing in 430-Mile Amazonian Race

It all started with a meatball.
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It's a story that apparently all started with just a meatball. Meet Arthur, the stray dog that followed a four-person Swedish team whilst they were competing in a 430-mile endurance race through the Amazon rainforest.

They first met each other when the group decided to take a break and eat. The stray dog appeared looking rather sorry for itself and teammate Mikael Lindnord decided to give him one of his meatballs, thinking that the dog would then wonder off, however he didn't.

The dog continued to follow them on their gruelling journey which involved hiking, kayaking and biking. Despite them trying to get the dog to stop for his own safety he continued to follow them and when it came to kayaking he even swam along side them. Eventually they gave in and let the dog onboard as the newest member of their team. After the race had ended and they had crossed the line the team decided to name the dog Arthur.

Lindnord, the man who first shared the meatball has since managed to raise the funds to take Arthur back to Sweden with him and he now has a loving home. The team has since setup the Arthur Foundation which is a charity organisation that helps to support stray dogs and find them a loving home.

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