Tortoise Gets Given a Second Chance at Life Thanks to a 3D-Printed Shell

Meet Cleopatra, a leopard tortoise who is suffering from a shell deformation known as “pyramiding” or “peaking,” which causes her to have a misshaped shell. Whilst this might sound like a purely cosmetic disability, its impacts are far worse.

With a misshapen shell Cleopatra would find it hard to get back on her front should she ever roll over on her back. Also it’s impossible for other tortoise to climb on her back which is an essential part of interaction with other tortoises.

A man going by the named of Roger Henry stepped in to rescue Cleopatra from her terrible situation and give her a second chance at life.

He created a 3D-Printed shell. It’s design took over 600 hours to perfect after numerous prototypes.

It was important that the shell was a good fit as holes in her own badly worn shell were at risk of infection.

Now she couldn’t be happier!

The shell isn’t a permanent fix though. After being founded in a poor state, it is hoped that after some love, care and attention, Cleopatra will get better over the next few years and no longer have to wear her red shell.


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