20 Otherworldly Reasons You Need to Visit Norway

One for the bucket list.
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There are plenty of beautiful places around the world that are worth visiting and at the very top of that list is Norway. With such a diverse array of beautiful and otherworldly landscapes, not to mention those incredible Aurora's, Norway is somewhere that you should definitely visit.

1. Bleik

2. Lofoten Islands

3. Lofoten

4. Morning in Norway

5. Odda

6. Preikestolen

7. Ramberg

8. Reine

9. Lofoten Islands at sunset.

10. Reinebringen Rock

11. Reinebringen

12. Aurora Borealis

Getty Images/BuzzFeed

Getty Images/BuzzFeed

13. Renndølsetra

14. Senja

15. Geirangerfjord

16. Svolvaer

17. Torghatten

18. Trollstigen

19. Trolltunga

20. Vaeroy