27 Truly Unfortunate Advertising Fails

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The idea that all publicity is good publicity isn't so true, especially when you see ad fails as bad as this. For one reason or another these adverts have gone from being great publicity to bad, mainly because of their placement. Here are 27 unfortunate advertising fails.

1. Get ready.

2. Stacy's mom has got it going on.

3. Oops.

4. You'll never look at a chocolate beauty mask the same way again.

5. LOL

6. Wikipedia at its finest.

7. Jesus for lease.

8. Someone knew what they were doing here.

9. Getting fit. You're doing it wrong.

10. Words to live by.

11. "Where's daddy?"

12. Umm... perhaps some other time.

13. A tempting offer!

14. Mitchell.

15. How did nobody see this!?

16. Oh dear.

17. Thirsty?

18. Peekaboo.

19. Baby sure does.

20. Eurgh.

21. A terrible combination.

22. Cause & Effect.

23. Ouch.

24. "With care"

25. Star sucks.

26. The Walking Dead Vs. Funeralcare.

27. Aaaaahhhh.