See a Rescued Puppy Grow Into Adulthood in This Heart Warming Time Lapse

After filmmaker and director Dave Meinert rescued a great dane puppy from a puppy mill, he wasn’t sure how long they would have together. At just 4-weeks-old, Pegasus had some serious health problems.

Pegasus was born with a pigment deficiency that has the potential to turn here deaf and blind however despite this, she overcame the odds and is now a healthy dog with a loving home.

At the time of her rescue Meinert was unsure of Pegasus’s fate so decided to document the time they had together in the adorable video you see above. Due to the nature of his job meaning he has to travel a lot Meinert has since given up Pegasus and has found her a loving home.

His job meant that he was spending too much time away from Pegasus and it was effecting both of them. He writes on Vimeo “If the dog is happier, do you forsake your happiness? I think yes.”

Source: Vimeo

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