The 15 Most Unusual & Beautiful Beaches in the World

Some amazing destinations.
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When you picture paradise there is probably a beach not far away, but these beaches are not your typical white sandy beaches. This list covers some of the most spectacular naturally occurring beaches around the world made from glass, stone and even Bioluminescent phytoplankton, as well as beaches made unusual thanks to human intervention such as Maho Beach, Saint Martin.

1. Glass Beach, California, is the result of human pollution. Glass bottles and waste that were thrown out to sea for many years have now formed small pebbles and stones that line this beach.

2. Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos, gets its deep red colour from the oxidization of lava.

3. Marieta, Mexico, is the result of a bomb blast from a test carried out by the mexican government.

4. Bioluminescent phytoplankton lights up beaches in the Maldives.

5. The Beach of the Cathedrals, Ribadeo, Spain, formed by thousands of years of erosion from crashing waves.

6. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas, gets its beautiful colour from washed up pieces of coral.

7. Maho Beach, Saint Martin, which is located seriously close to a busy runway.

8. Jokulsarlon, Iceland

9. The Moeraki Boulders, Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

10. Green Sand In Kourou, French Guiana

11. Papakōlea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii, gets its unique and distinctive coloured sand from the mineral olivine.

12. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland. This amazing path out to sea is the result of a volcanic eruption.

13. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii. The sand is created when basalt lava flows into the sea and cools quickly.

14. Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Australia, is made from millions upon millions of shells and streches over 120 kilometres.

15. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California, gets its beautifully coloured sand from naturally occuring minerals.