"Unofficial Quidditch Pong" Is the Only Drinking Game You Need

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Forget beer pong. The Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set inspired by the Harry Potter book series is the only drinking game you should be playing and the reasons are simple, it's the combination of everyones favourite drinking game with everyones most loved imaginary sport, Quidditch.

The set is actually available to buy and the full rules can be found on the website. With the set you get three Quidditch rings, two beater bats and a golden snitch ball. Much like beer pong the aim of the game is to form two triangular sets of cups either side of the table with the three rings placed in the middle. Players must then throw the ping pong balls through the rings and into the cups.

More Info: unofficialquidditchpong.com

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quidditch beer pong 4.jpg

h/t laughingsquid.com