20 Hilarious Clothing Tags That Are Worthy of Being on Show

No need to tuck these labels in.
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Normally people end up tucking their clothing tags back in if they are left on show, but these hilarious examples should be left out for the world to see. Who would have thought that clothing tags could be a source of such humour and wisdom!?. Here are 20 hilarious clothing tags that are worthy of being on show.

1. Tested on animals.

2. Don't slap pandas.

3. Give it to your mother.

4. For worst results.

5. Congratulations for finding this label!

6. Always wash you butt.

7. Don't be that guy.

8. #ShareTheLoad

9. Warning!

10. Reassurance.

11. 100% Christmas.

12. Do not feed after midnight.

13. Useful information.

14. Sure it will....

15. Clear instructions.

16. This clothing label knows what it wants.

17. Do not wear for sumo wrestling.

18. You can dance if you want to.

19. 'M' for manly.

20. You wouldn't understand.

h/t boredpanda.com