Meet Matilda, the Extraordinary Cat with Hypnotising Eyes

Matilda appears to be from another world.
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Meet Matilda, the 2-year-old tabby cat who looks like she's just arrived from out of space. Despite her unusual alien-like appearance thanks to those big eyes, Matilda is much like every other household pet who lives with her two humans and a dog here on earth.

Matilda was adopted at just 12-weeks-old by her current family and at the time her eyes were completely normal. It wasn't until her first birthday that one of her pupils began to enlarge, eventually followed by the other. A trip to various vets put this unusual phenomenon down to a condition called ‘spontaneous lens luxation’ - when the lens in the eye detaches itself.

Although Matilda is now blind, her owners say that she still enjoys doing everything your average cat loves. Her owners said on People that “She also loves tissue paper, cardboard boxes, and her scratching post,” and that “She loves to eat and will cry like the world is ending if her dish isn’t full.”

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