Millie the Rock Climbing Cat Is More Adventurous than Your Average Pet

Every weekend Millie and her owner go on epic adventures.
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Meet Millie, the cat who's far more adventurous than your average pet. Canyons, hikes, summits and rock climbing are nothing for this 2-year-old cat. Millie goes on her epic adventures at the weekend along with owner Craig Armstrong and between them they have ventured into places such as Alcatraz Canyon and Angel Canyon.

Whilst they are out and about Craig has to keep an eye on Millie otherwise she tends to wonder off, but when they aren't exploring the great outdoors Millie is very much a loving cat that enjoys plenty of attention and laying about, doing what cats do best. Craig and Millie also go on adventures with other cat and human duo's. All of their adventures are documented on their Instagram. They also have a rather appropriately named website called Climbkitty which is worth checking out.

Source: Instagram