40 GIFs That Perfectly Sum up the Life of a Cat

The best cat GIFs on the internet.
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Cats are quite possibly the strangest pets you can own. These 47 GIFs perfectly sum up their life in general, which mainly consists of laying about, eating and getting into places that they shouldn't.

1. Picking the wrong thing to play with.

2. Too lazy to move.

3. Fitting into the smallest of gaps.

4. Forgetting their place in the food chain.

5. Getting excited about absolutley nothing.

6. Sitting in literally anything that can be sat in.

7. Sharing the bed with other pets.

8. Making failed attempts at jumping.

9. But still managing to pull it off in style.

10. Sometimes choosing a bad place to sit.

11. Poor social skills.

12. Being a ninja.

13. Sometimes forgetting how to cat.

14. Which happens more often that you think...

15. But when they are on form they can fit just about anywhere.

16. Because their curiosity always gets the better of them.


18. Some of them are also amazing Jenga players.

19. Getting a massage once in a while is also pretty nice.

20. And they are always happy to reciprocate, sort of.

21. They aren't very good at making friends.

22. Human touch has also been known to cause instant death.

23. Generally speaking they don't like water.

24. Or annoying humans that put them in prams.

25. Some of them can bust some serious moves.

26. Kittens are just the absolute cutest!

27. A cats life can be full of "Oh shit!" moments.

28. They have trouble using technology.

29. They don't do sharing very well.

30. Some cats enjoy hobbies such as drumming.

31. They know when they've been up to no good.

32. Just occasionally they will be feeling friendly enough to let you hug them.

33. Some cats are just cooler than others.

34. A cat will pretty much chase anything you put infront of it.

35. Yep, another cat stuck.

36. Sometimes they forget how to cat for a split second.

37. They are easily spooked.

38. A cats life is full of failed attempts.

39. Almost every cat gets themselves stuck at some point.

40. And some of them are masters of disguise.