These Illustrations Show the Two Kinds of People in This World

Which one are you?
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This Tumblr blog created by art director Joao Rocha appropriately titled ‘2 Kinds Of People’ illustrates the differences between people when it comes to small everyday decisions, from checking your notifications on your phone to how you like to eat your chocolate or even arrange your apps.

All of these small decisions define who we are, so you will more than likely know someone who falls into either of these categories. Check them out below. For more visit the 2 Kinds Of People Tumblr.

1. Waking up.

2. Eating Chocolate

3. Listening to music.

4. Notifications.

5. Reading.

6. Sandwiches.

7. Manual Vs. Automatic.

8. Organising Apps.

9. Eating Sushi.

10. Browsing the web.

11. Web browsers.

12. Filling out online forms.

13. Watches.

14. Wi-Fi names.

15. Live TV or Catchup TV.