17 Completely Terrifying Old Photos That Will Make You Question the Past

If you’ve ever wondered what the past was like, the answer is absolutely terrifying. If you need any proof just take a look at these 17 terrifying photos. Each of them will send a shiver down your spine.

1. A woman receives anti-freckle treatment (1930’s).

2. The aftermath of a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, 1930’s. They aren’t real heads, don’t worry!.


3. Two women wearing crow masks…. NOPE.


4. An old halloween costume from 1910.


5. Two engineers trying to fix a Disney animatronic.


6. A family photo that didn’t go so well…

7. Two clowns and a Santa visit a children’s hospital, 1950’s.


8. A girl “horsemanning” in the 1920’s. Pretty similar to planking.

9. Two parents pose for the camera with their dead daughter.

10. American troops wearing Brewster body armor in 1917.


11. Mental patient Katharina Detzel showing of the man she built from her own bedding in 1910.


12. An advert for The Isolator. Everything, including Oxygen, was shut out by wearing this hood.


13. Children all dressed up for halloween, sometime in the 1900’s.


14. Santa Claus doesn’t look so friendly right now.


15. A nurse and newborn baby pose in their gas masks, 1940.


16. A family dressed up for halloween, 1940.

17. Ventriloquist Jules Vernon posing with his creepy puppet collection. 

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