17 Dogs That Are Completely Terrified of Totally Normal Things

So it turns out that dogs pretty much have an irrational fear of everything around them, except for the things that are supposed to actually scare them. Teddy bears, vacuum cleaners and even the worlds smallest bridges are all at the top of a dogs ‘most terrifying’ list. Here are 17 dogs that are completely terrified of totally normal things.

1. The hoover! get it away from me!

2. This was supposed to be a HAPPY birthday.


4. Get that tail away from me!

5. Well, I can kind of relate. But this bridge…

6. I’m going to get you, evil lettuce!

7. They are half the size of me and still terrifying.

8. Oh god no, not the picture!

9. “Back off evil lamb!”

10. “Balloons, how could you!?”

11. This poor little pug really was scared.

12. “Help, it’s chasing me!”

13. “Why does it keep looking at me??”

14. “Why does this dog have wings?”

15. This dog doesn’t like the Roomba vacuum.


16. The beach was supposed to be a fun place.

17. Not today human.

18. But when it comes to the actual scary stuff, they couldn’t care less…

via Distractify

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