17 Genius Street Adverts That Will Make You Look Twice

Because we see adverts all the time most of us tend to switch off and not take any notice, but once in a while an advert might catch our eye and cause us to take a second look, just like these 17 genius street adverts. Some of these are so impressive you can’t help but take a look, whilst others such as the Sprite one below encourage you to interact with them.

1. Sprite shower.

2. This really does cause you to think.

3. Smart idea, IBM.

4. Superman.

5. McDonalds.

6. No sitting here, better get walking or better yet, run!

7. Wouldn’t catch me taking this bus.

8. Homer eating donuts.

9. Ariel clearly works.

10. Clever watch advertising.

11. A coke advert of epic proportions.

12. This isn’t even over the top, you could clearly do this with Hubba Bubba.

13. Adverts that interact with the real world are always awesome.

14. Just like this one… mmm coffee.

15. Save!

16. I could probably eat this bench right now…

17. IKEA turns a bus stop into a mini living room.


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