20 Hilarious Collar Tags for Pets That Get Lost a Lot

Number 4 made me laugh so hard.
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Along with micro chipping pet collar tags are an important way to make sure that should your animal ever get lost, they can make their way back to you, but despite their importance that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with them. These pet owners have done just that, turning their animals tags into funny and witty messages.

1. And get it done fast!

2. You heard me, now move along.

3. Straight to the point.

4. Yep, seems accurate.

5. Well, that was a little unexpected!

6. Guess which ones for the cat?

7. Don't panic Malcolm!

8. Leo Decatprio.

9. You other pooches can't deny.

funny dog collar ideas 9.jpg

10. He kept escaping, so they named him adventure cat.

funny dog collar ideas 10.jpg

11. Rumpole kept escaping. He now has a collar tag to show how naughty he is.

12. Perfect for a Shiba Inu.

13. Burls is never lost, he's an expert explorer.

14. If you find me wanderin' the wastelands alone....

15. This is pretty funny.

16. Looking fabulous and fierce.

17. Zero woofs given.

18. The truth.

19. Ones for the dog, the other is for the cat.

20. "I'm a massive lion."

funny dog collar ideas 20.jpg

h/t boredpanda.com