20 People That Are Having a Much Worse Day than You Are

Having a bad day? this will make you feel better.
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We'd all like to think that today is going to be a good day, but in reality we all have our tough days, and whilst it might be hard to believe at the time, their is almost always someone else out there having a worse day than you. Don't believe us? then just take a look at these 20 people. Things couldn't get much worse.

1. Running late? at least you aren't running from an angry hippo.

2. Ouch.

3. Definitely picked the wrong place to park.

4. Years of dedication and training, and he falls at the last hurdle.

5. Imagine needing to get in your car and returning to find this.... nope.

6. A simple wheel change turns into a disaster.

7. How unlucky.

8. Now this is going to be hard to put right.

9. Frustrated because you've got cleaning to do? at least this hasn't happened.

10. This guys work day just got a lot longer.

11. Well at least the red will match her coat.

12. Not even sure how this happened, but good luck getting out of it.

13. At least the backseat of your car doesn't look like this.

14. This is a massive NOPE.

15. You can tell he's just given up.

16. Getting your head stuck in a bus door... must suck really bad.

17. That's gotta hurt.

18. Good luck cleaning that up!

19. Pool party anyone?

20. Not where a bride wants to be on her big day.

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