28 Funny Faces Spotted in Everyday Objects

What has been seen cannot be un-seen.
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Seeing a human like face in an everyday object isn't a common occurrence however its probably happened to all of us at least once. If you pay close attention to the world around you and try and look for some you will probably find plenty. The phenomenon is actually known as Pareidolia and is has people around the internet uploading the funny faces they find. Here are 28 of the best.

1. Chicken house.

2. Why the long face?

3. These cardboard boxes are clearly plotting something.

4. "Things are grate!"

5. This house has a face.

6. The shoe could not be happier.

7. Celebration!

8. Sad kiwi.

9. You could say these plugs are... shocked!

10. OMG!

11. Nom nom nom nom.

12. "You light up my world!"

13. Smile.

14. This house is judging you... silently.

15. Drool.

16. This evil tree.

17. Sad tap.

18. You have to wonder what this house has seen to be so shocked.

19. Terrified peppers.

funny face spotted in things 19.jpg

20. Robot face.

21. Tongue out!

22. Happy paper towels.

23. Spooky!

24. Wall-E, is that you?

25. Scary!

26. Monkey.


28. I'm flying!