33 Shocking Adverts That Will Make You Stop and Think About Society

Everyday we are bombarded with adverts, whether it’s online, visiting the shop, or even driving in our cars, sometimes there is no escaping it. Over time many of us have learnt to ‘switch off’ and try and ignore adverts all together, however sometimes adverts still manage to grab our attention, how? with shock value.

These 33 creative and shocking advertising campaigns tackle social issues that hit a little closer to home than your average advert. They immediately grab your attention and draw you in, causing you to stop and think. This is advertising at its very best…

1. Gun control.

2. Saving paper to help save the planet.

3. Slower is better.

4. Victims are people.

5. What we see when you smoke.

6. Plastic bags kill.

7. More horrifying.

8. Skin colour shouldn’t dictate your future.

9. Same pet, different owner.

10. Exotic animals are not souvenirs.

11. Facebook likes do not help.

12. Before it’s too late.

13. Don’t use the phone and drive.

14. Say no to anorexia.

15. Smoking causes premature ageing.

16. Innocence in danger.

17. What goes around comes around, keep the sea clean.

18. Stop animal abuse.

19. For the homeless, every day is a struggle.

20. God bless America.

21. Waiting to EXHALE.

22. Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year.

23. Buckle up. Stay alive.

24. Think of both sides.

25. Censorship tells the wrong story.

26. They would if they could. Save the planet.

27. Women should have the right to make their own decisions.

28. What goes around comes around.

29. Sleepiness is stronger than you think.

30. Smoking is like throwing cancer into your own lungs.

31. See how easy feeding the hungry can be.

32. It may not be happening here, but it is happening now.

33. Neglected children are made to feel invisible.

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