Breathtaking Photos of the Milky Way Above Yellowstone National Park

Kansas based photographer David Lane has spent the past four months photographing the Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park and the results are truly incredible. It would be impossible to see such a colourful rainbow on stars in the nights sky with the naked eye, so in order to capture these stunning images with a camera it took a lot of technical know how on Lane’s part and some editing afterwards with some of the images comprising of up to 16 individual photos.

On his Facebook profile Lane shares what inspires him to create these beautiful images, “Get away from the light drive out 20-30 miles out of town and look up on a clear dark night and you may see something that will forever change your life. This is what a galaxy looks like from the inside.” You can see more of Lane’s photography on 500px.

David Lane
David Lane
David Lane


h/t BoredPanda

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