Girl Completes Her Bucket List by Sacrificing Her Own Life to Save Her Friend

Rebecca Townsend had three goals in life, to go to Spain, kiss in the rain and to save another persons life. In the end she achieved all three, but at the cost of her own life.


Rebecca had completed the first two by the age of 17 with a trip to Spain and by sharing a kiss in the rain with a boyfriend named Niko. One night whilst walking back from a firework show in her hometown with her friend Benjamin a car came hurtling towards them. Rebecca quickly reacted, pushing Benjamin away from the oncoming car, however in doing so was struck and killed by the vehicle.


Her friend Benjamin sustained serious injuries however he’s now in a stable condition in hospital. Rebecca’s parents later discovered the list at home on her bed, and believe she had looked at the list before going out that evening.


It’s a tragic turn of events that had left family, friends and strangers around the world touched. Rebecca had a bright future ahead of her too, she had graduated from high school and been accepted to the University of Notre Dame. Known by many for her charitable work, those closest to Rebecca have created a Facebook page to celebrate her life.


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