Here's How You Can See Who's Unfriended You on Facebook

Know who's deleted you from their virtual world.
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We've all been there, you go to take a look at an old friends Facebook profile only to find that you've been unfriended - you don't remember deleting them, it must have been them, and you have no idea why. It's never a great feeling, but thanks to the iOS app Who Deleted Me and the Google Chrome extension you can now see who's decided to kick you from their virtual world.

The app tells you whether or not the person has deactivated their account or if they have deleted you, saving you the pyschological torment.

who deleted me.png

Sadly though the service doesn't start tallying any activity until you've installed it so any past deletes won't be logged. On the plus side however it has quite a creepy feature that shows you the last time your friends logged into Facebook. If you need to know that sort of thing...

You can get the App here and the Chrome extension here.