Inspirational Surfing Therapy Dog Gives Hope to People with Disabilities

Giving hope and healing to those in need.
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It's always adorable when you hear about animals that love helping out other animals and even humans, such is the case of 7-year-old Surf Dog Ricochet, a dog that quite literally has a heart of gold, as well as some seriously impressive surfing skills!. The golden retriever was originally trained as a service dog, something that she aced fairly quickly with her ability to open doors, switch off lights and unzip clothing. Unfortunately however as she grew up it became apparent that her endless amounts of energy and drive to chase things meant she unsuitable to become a service animal, so Ricochet's owner decided to channel all of that energy into something else, surfing!.

Ricochet has finally found what she was born to do, riding waves and helping to heal and restore hope in those that need it the most. For the disabled and children with special needs Ricochet offers a companion when out on the waves and acts as a vital support for those trying out surfing for the first time. Through her surfing activities she has managed to raise nearly $400,000 for charity and shows no sign of slowing down.

For more information on this adorable pooch you can visit here and be sure to check out Ricochets Facebook Page.