This Kitten Wasn't Expected to Make It... Until She Met a Husky Named Lilo

Sometimes all you need is a bit of love.
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A small three-week-old kitten now named Rosie was rescued in a poor state and wasn't expected to recover, that was until she met her new mum, a Siberian husky named Lilo. When the two of them met they instantly bonded, with Lilo taking on a mothering role in order to nurse Rosie back to health.

Barely making it through the first night, it took a week of tender love and care before Rosie first opened her eyes and began to start walking on her own. As soon as the two of them were paired together Lilo went "full ‘mom mode,'” her owners write on Instagram.

You can see more of the adorable pair on Instagram and YouTube.

Rosie the kitten was rescued, when she was found she was in a terrible way.

She wasn't expected to survive the first night. After some intensive care she was introduced to Lilo the Siberian husky.

The two of them instantly bonded. Lilo went 'full mom mode' according to her owners and after a week of hugs and snuggles Rosie the kitten opened her eyes and began walking again.

Now the two of them are pretty much inseperable, with Lilo more than happy in her new mothering role.

Source: Instagram