The 19 Cutest Staring Competitions in History

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Not only do pets provide us with a loving family companion, they also give us endless fun and entertainment. Take these pets for example, they are providing their friends and owners with hours of entertainment with their adorable staring competitions.

1. Who's going to win?

2. "You wan't a staring compeition do you?"

3. "It's in a bowl, does that mean I can eat it?."

4. Practicing their staring technique from a young age.

5. We'll just pretend he's actually looking at something in that tree.

6. "Ok, best of three?"

7. Sometimes staring competitions happen spontaneously.

8. Caught in the act.

9. "Get comfy, this is going to take some time."

10. "Winner gets this toy!"

11. "Hang on a second, why are we so close?"

12. "If you want this seat, you'll have to beat me first."

13. This is intense.

14. Aww.

15. Perhaps the bravest mouse ever?

16. "Let's do this!"

17. This baby is taking a much more relaxed approach.

18. "You've got no chance, human."

19. Pug Vs. pug.