The Best Astronomy Photographs of 2015 Are Epic

Every year The Royal Greenwich Observatory organises the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest which showcases the very best of the best astronomy photographs, and as you would expect the entires are truly out of this world.

The winners are yet to be announced however for now they’ve but together a first shortlist of stunning and enchanting photos. All of the winners will eventually be displayed at the the Royal Observatory in Greenwich which will be open to the public of the September 18th. For more information visit here.

Michael Jaeger
Terry Robison
Patrick Gilliland
Patrick Gilliland
Gary Palmer
Jan R Olsen
Julie Fletcher
Stefano de Rosa
Xiaohua Zhao
László Francsics
Rune Engebo
Brad Goldpaint
Adam Block
Dan Barr
Juan Ignacio Jimenez


h/t Fubiz

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