These Cats Clearly Don't Care About What They're Being Shamed For

Cat shaming? these cats have no shame.
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Cats can make great pets, but that's when they aren't busy acting like complete jerks. Because they often misbehave and act up, owners take to shaming their cats online for their terrible crimes... and the results are hilarious. Truth is though, you can shame them as much as you like, they couldn't care less.

1. Shocking.

2. Innocent until proven guilty.

3. "This is what you get, human."

4. "And i'd do it again."

5. No regrets.

6. You can see the jealousy in his eyes.

7. "Was an accident I swear."

8. Reckless.

9. Must have been one hell of a night.

10. Nothing was spared.

11. Damn it felt good.

12. "Trust me, i'm worth it."

13. Forget recycling!

14. He saw an opportunity and took it.

15. And then this went and happened....

16. Best. Night. Ever.

17. This cat cannot cat properly.

18. Another cat that cannot cat.

19. And this one which actually LIKES water. Imposter!

20. "Shouldn't have been taking so long."

21. "I was right!"

22. Unorthodox method.

23. The perfect hiding spot!

24. Thug life.

25. They clearly don't like water.

26. The great escape.

27. Tasty.