These Dogs Aren't Gigantic, It's All Thanks to Some Hilarious Perspectives

Although if they were real it would be awesome.
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Thanks to some clever trick photography these normal pooches have been transformed into glorious giants, set free to roam the earth. At first glance you might think its the work of someone in Photoshop, but its actually done using a trick called forced perspective, an optical illusion that makes objects appear bigger or smaller than they actually are. So whilst these images are just optical illusions, we can all still pretend.

1. That's one huge pug.

2. King of the sand dunes.

3. Any taller and he will be stepping straight over that fence!

4. Eyeing up a light snack.

5. Forget snowmobiles, get me one of these!

6. Not sure who's taking who on a walk right now.

7. Imagine seeing this running towards you!

8. Giant dog is hungry, and it will eating everything in its path.

9. At least we know what they're good for though, giant pillows!

10. Snowed in? no problem.

11. In case of emergency, giant dog will step in to save the day.

12. Giant dogs can be overly cautious.

13. This dog won't let a tiny human house stand in its way.

14. But despite being gigantic, they're still just as soft on the inside!