Turn Your Back for One Minute and the Things Pets Get up to Is Hilarious

Pets behaving badly.
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Having a pet is a lot like having a child in the sense that if you turn your back for more than a couple of seconds you can quickly find yourself returning to absolute chaos. Just take these 32 naughty pets, they've got a lot of explaining to do....

1. "Ohh... You're out of anything good to eat."

2. "You never offer me a coffee, so I'll steal yours."

3. "They look better on me, don't they?."

pets behaving badly 32.jpg

4. Just taking a nap.

pets behaving badly 31.jpg

5. Awww.

pets behaving badly 30.jpg

6. The mud did it, I swear.

7. "We're going to need more toilet paper."

8. Well, this sucks.

pets behaving badly 29.jpg

9. This is my box now!

pets behaving badly 28.jpg

10. "Oh, you're home early!"

pets behaving badly 27.jpg

11. "So... this is our bed now."

12. "Mmm a comfy laptop... the purfect place to sleep."

13. "Thought you could use some help with the lights. How did I do?"

14. You won't be washing any dishes today.

15. Here we have a box of fur.

pets behaving badly 26.jpg

16. The perfect fit.

pets behaving badly 25.jpg

17. "Can I keep it!? Pleaseee!"

18. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

19. "Hope you don't need this packaging, it's my bed now."

20. "Don't mind me, just hanging out."

pets behaving badly 24.jpg

21. "Day six, my humans still haven't noticed."

pets behaving badly 23.jpg

22. "I'm so chill right now."

pets behaving badly 22.jpg

23. "Please don't cook me!"

24. Cat loaf anyone?

25. "My humans have gone, time for a nap."

pets behaving badly 21.jpg

26. "The fridge is not as fun as I thought it would be."

27. Ready for a festival!

28. If it fits, I sits.

29. "I like it in here, But I don't wan't to be washed!"

30. "Nothing to see here, move along!"

31. Drum kit kitty.

32. "This is so cosy!"