20 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Guaranteed to make you laugh.
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If you are in need of a laugh then look no further than these 25 pictures. Whether it's hilarious kids drawings, ridiculous conversations on Tumblr or photos taken at the perfect moment, it's all right here. You will laugh, trust me.

1. DIY barbie.

2. This shadow creature.

3. This kids amazing effort at spelling.

4. This dog that sucks at playing frisbee.

5. This kids mum thought it was pijama day. It was actually school photo day. His face says it all.

6. The dog that understands the importance of health.

photos will make you laugh 6.jpg

7. This terrifying cat.

8. These celebrity dog impersonators.

9. This horrific crime.

photos will make you laugh 9.jpg

10. The most masterful pun ever.

photos will make you laugh 10.jpg

11. The cat that's always watching.

12. This yard sard.

13. This headline.

photos will make you laugh 13.jpg

14. The most incredible face swap of all time.

15. He's had enough of Susan.

16. This brilliant plane Snapchat.

photos will make you laugh 16.jpg

17. Phteven.

18. Lost and found poster.

19. This news headline.

20. This woman who accidentally sent a photo of Nicholas Cage instead of her cover letter and resume to a potential employer.

photos will make you laugh 20.png