21 Strange Images That Cannot Be Explained

The internet is an amazing place, but once in a while you might stumble upon its slightly weirder side. It’s a place full of strange things, some of which cannot be explained. Just take these photos for example, even if you did have some sort of context they would still be strange. Here are 21 strange images that cannot be explained.

1. Whatever is happening here:

2. The dog that’s waiting at the bar:

3. This smart looking chap with his sewing machine:

4. These three tigers in a tub:

5. Whatever happened at this zoo:

6. This man who really loves bread:

7. This poor kitty:

8. The man who took on a cactus and lost:

9. This:

10. This guy:

11. This loving embrace:

12. Whatever they’re looking at:

13. How this happened:

14. And why this is a thing:

15. This guilty horse:

16. This:

17. This sloth:

18. And why there’s a load of people standing around in costumes:

19. This family snapshot:

20. Why this fox needs cash:

21. And finally, why this man is on a rocking horse:

via Imgur

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