26 Pictures That Pretty Much Sum up What It’s Like to Be a Human

Being a human in the 21st century isn’t and easy experience. Here are 26 pictures that pretty much sump up what it’s like to be a human, and you’ll definitely be able to relate. The struggle is real.

1. We’ve all got one.

2. The scariest thing you’ll ever experience.

3. Those feels though.

4. The people that don’t check their emails, you don’t need them in your life.

5. Probably the best feeling ever.

6. This is all too real.

7. It’s like the ultimate disclaimer. I except no responsibility.

8. When your foot falls asleep.

9. Brace yourself.

10. When Instagram stalking goes to far.

11. Feels good to be yourself.

12. When listening to music.

13. Can’t handle the heat.

14. Spelling doesn’t get any easier.

15. Just keep smiling, it will all be ok.

16. This is life.

17. You can’t help but do this, just admit it.

18. Watching the TV can be hard sometimes.

19. We all do this.

20. But you still probably stay on your phone.

21. Wearing clothes.

22. Hand gestures.

23. The way to every humans heart.

24. On people you don’t like.

25. It’s all good, don’t mind me.

26. What you say online Vs. how you really feel.

via Buzzfeed

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