A Devastating Wildfire Caused Them to Lose Everything, Until They Discovered This

After a forest fire threatened their home in Hayfork, California, Debi and Jeff Brusatori had no choice but to evacuate. Whilst they were fleeing from the fire something terrible and unexpected happened, their pet cat named Ruthie Rosemary jumped from the car window in panic and there was no time to turn around and save her.

Five days later the Brusatori’s returned to find the area in which they live in was badly burnt, they had lost pretty much everything.


Whilst searching through the burnout debris and remains they heard a noise coming from under a truck, it was a meow!


The truck was badly damaged and burnt to the point that its aluminium had began to melt, but somehow Ruthie Rosemary had survived under it, coming away from the fire virtually unharmed.


In what seems like a miracle, the family were united once again.


Who knows how Ruthie Rosemary survived the intensity of the fire, but one thing is for sure, it will be that little bit easier for the Brusatori’s to rebuild their lives with Ruthie by their side.

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