Artist Takes LSD and Draws Herself for 9 Hours Resulting in Amazing Portraits

The effect is incredible.
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Experimenting with drugs whilst creating art has been done before with some pretty amazing results which is what inspired Reddit user whatafinethrowaway to try and have a go herself. The results are pretty incredible, offering us an insight into the mind of someone who is going through a trip.

She asked her friend to draw self portraits whilst high on LSD. Her friend took 200µg of LSD and during the next 9 hours created 11 portraits. Whatafinethrowaway writes on Reddit “She spent between 15 minutes and 45 minutes on each drawing,” something that is reflected in both the varying complexity and abstract nature of the self portraits you see below.

Whilst we do not condone the use of drugs in any form, it's hard to deny that these drawings are incredible.

15 Minutes into her trip.

artist lsd portraits 1.jpg

45 Minutes.

artist lsd portraits 2.jpg

1 Hour 45 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 3.jpg

2 Hours 15 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 4.jpg

3 Hours 30 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 5.jpg

4 Hours 45 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 6.jpg

6 Hours

artist lsd portraits 7.jpg

6 Hours 45 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 8.jpg

8 Hours

artist lsd portraits 9.jpg

8 Hours 45 Minutes

artist lsd portraits 10.jpg

9 Hours 30

artist lsd portraits 11.jpg

Source: Reddit