What This Family Found on a Beach in Australia Will Leave You Mesmerised

We all know that the world is full of strange and wonderful looking creatures, many of them live in Australia, the creepy and scary ones at least. But what a family found whilst on the coast of Australia isn’t creepy or scary, it’s completely beautiful and it will leave you mesmerised. Meet the Glaucus Atlanticus.

The Glaucus Atlanticus is a blue sea slug that’s native to Australian waters and lives in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Despite it’s ‘slug’ title its an amazing looking creature. Don’t be fooled though, this little guy can sting!


They eat Portuguese Man o’ Wars, an incredibly venomous jellyfish. They then store those toxins in their own bodies. If you are ever lucky enough to spot one be careful, they pack quite a sting!


h/t ViralNova

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