24 Hilarious GIFs That Prove Adding Faces to Things Makes Anything Funny

Apparently adding tiny faces to inanimate objects can have some hilarious results. You wouldn’t normally feel anything for these objects, but add a small faces and some waving arms and suddenly you won’t be able to stop laughing.

1. Ha, not today!

2. Nothing like a morning coffee to wake you up!

3. Watch out!

4. “Wait, what’s he laughing at?”

5. You’ve got to feel for this little guy.

6. It’s Casper the friendly ghost!

7. You’ll never look at TV static the same way again….

8. “Thanks human, this is so fun.”

9. So majestic.


11. “Please, no more!”

12. This poor washing machine is having a rough time.

13. This bin is ready to riot.

14. Aww they look so cosy.

15. OMG NO!

16. “We’re next!?”

17. This looks like so much fun.

18. The massive pile of leaves claims its second victim.

19. “OMG get it away from me!”

20. He couldn’t take it any more.

21. The struggle is real.

22. Cya later, humans!

23. Partytime!

24. At least it was a soft landing.

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