These Kitten's Born with Dwarfism Are Half the Cat but Twice as Cute

So cute!
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After a pregnant cat had her litter, three of the kittens were normal but two of them were incredibly small. It was thought that they may have been deprived of oxygen and there was some concern that they wouldn't be able to be safely placed in a home. Luckily though they were taken to a shelter that dealt with cat dwarfism in the past.

Named Elfie and Gimli, the two tiny kitties receive care on a daily basis. There's no telling how long the duo will live due to their health issues but once thing is for sure, they're certainly adorable. We hope that they live long and happy lives doing what kitties do best, laying around sleeping and demanding food!.

You can keep up to date with how the duo are doing on Instagram, Facebook their website, and Twitter. They also accept donations to help cover some of the duos medical bills for their treatment.

h/t ViralNova