Man Transforms Grandma's Old Van in Order to Travel and Capture Beautiful Landscape Photos

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In 1994 Travis Burke's grandmother purchased a Dodge Ram, but she had no idea that it would one day go on to help her grandson travel and capture breathtaking landscape photos. For years the van sat in his grandmothers front yard and was never used until one day the 28-year-old from Oceanside, California, decided that he'd transform the van into a mobile home for him to travel and work from.

After spending nearly $8,000 and five months doing the van up he was ready to hit the road, and hasn't looked back since. The van is kitted out with solar panels, a small sink, bed and a mini fridge to store food. Burke has spent the past 16 months travelling around North America and photographing some of it's most beautiful spots, working with various sponsors to help him keep going as an adventure photographer. So far he's covered more than 60,000 miles!. The "van life," as he puts it can be lonely at times, but it has allowed him to see some of the worlds most amazing natural wonders and he wouldn't have it any other way.

When speaking to the Daily Mail Burke said that "I really hope to inspire people to get out and explore their own backyard." You can keep up to date with Burke's adventures here.