Meet the World's Best Dressed Grandpa Who's Got More Style Than You

This gentleman has got style.
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Although trends in fashion can come and go, this elderly gentleman who goes by the name of Günther Krabbenhöft has a fashion sense that is timeless. Whilst most people associate older people to be 'out of touch' when it comes to fashion, Krabbenhöft proves them all wrong.

After he was recently photographed at Kotbusser Tor station in Berlin the photos quickly went viral however his age was misreported and stated that he was 104-years-old. He says himself on his Facebook profile that the internet has 'doubled' his age. Other sources state that his age is around 60-70 years old. Age aside, Krabbenhöft really does have style. You can see more on his Facebook.

h/t BoredPanda