No Animal Should Ever Have to Endure What This Poor Pit Bull Went Through

This is shocking, but has a happy ending.
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This sweet pit bull now going by the name of Khaleesi has had to endure abuse in her life that no animal should ever have to go through and her face bares the scars. Although people often look as she walks down the street, she's never been happier.

Stephanie Paquin and her partner found Khaleesi at a shelter whilst visiting in Orlando, FL. Paquin runs a nonprofit rescue organisation herself and when she saw Khaleesi for the first time she knew she had to help her.

Although it's unclear how Khaleesi's injuries were caused it's clear that they are severe. Although she has now healed she still carries the visible scars of her injuries.

khaleesi pit bull rescue 1.jpg

She is missing her nose, nostrils and sinus cavity and also has no use of her back legs.

khaleesi pit bull rescue 2.jpg

How anyone could allow that to happen to an animal, especially one as adorable as Khaleesi is a complete mystery.

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But thanks to the Paquin's she now has a new lease of life.

khaleesi pit bull rescue 4.jpg

She's still a loving and playful dog.

khaleesi pit bull rescue 5.jpg

They've taken her to see specialists who have come back with some very promising solutions to her injuries.

khaleesi pit bull rescue 6.jpg

Hopefully she will running around with all the other dogs soon!

khaleesi pit bull rescue 7.jpg

The fact that Khaleesi can suffer this much abuse and neglect and still find it in her tiny heart to be happy, full of energy and love her new owners is incredible. Helping her fully recover won't be easy though and procedure's are likely to be costly. If you would like to donate you can do so here. You can also keep up to date with her progress on Passion 4 Pits Rescue page.

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