The 17 Cutest Glitches in the Matrix to Ever Happen

So adorable.
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Life is full of it's ups and down, but every so often you might spot something totally unexpected that will leave you lost for words. You can call these what you want, but these 'glitches' or coincidences can sometimes be quite spooky. These glitches though? well they're completely adorable.

1. Perfectly aligned.

2. They might be a separate species, but they look like twins!

3. Kitty glitch has occurred.

4. Am I seeing things!?

5. Heart melting glitch alert!

6. Stretching glitch, the most satisfying of all glitches.

7. Twins?

8. This one is driving me mad.

9. Doggy glitch x 6!

10. Sleepy glitch.

11. There has been a glitch, there is twice as much cute.

12. They are getting closer!

13. "Please feed us."

14. "I came home and the cat had multiplied."

15. Close enough.

16. The kitty Matrix strikes again.

17. My mind hurts!