The 21 Most WTF Moments in Children's Books

These are for kids!?
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Either the authors and illustrators of these books were incredibly creepy or completely naive, but one thing is for sure, they're all pretty inappropriate. Here are the 21 most WTF moments in children's books

1. This is supposed to be a 'children's' book.

2. Who thought this was appropriate?

3. Ok, what the hell is happening.

4. This terrible image that should never have happened.

5. Seriously creepy.

6. The park keeper.... right...

7. Those 'seamen'.

8. Family fun.

9. Whatever's going on here.

wtf kids book moments 13.jpg

10. There's something troubling about this books tone.

11. The shiftiest looking children's book characters of all time?

12. A voyeuristic guide to elephant spotting.

13. Hey, want any of that 'special coal' ?

14. This is actually a thing.

15. Whatever is happening here.

16. Nobody should have to see this.

17. Or this for that matter.

18. This shouldn't be a thing.

19. Pure filth.

20. Lock teddy up and throw away the key!

21. And on that note, we are done.

h/t buzzfeed